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  • Losses of a Year Recovered in a Day?

    September 21, 2019 by

    Posting its BIGGEST SINGLE DAY GAIN in a decade, both, the SENSEX and NIFTY gained 5.32% each on Friday. Backed by the 4th stimulus package introduced by the FM, both the indexes made investors richer by a whooping Rs. 7 Lakh Crore. All in one day. The highlight of the Package? Lowering the Corporate Tax… Read more

  • GDP Slowdown?

    September 8, 2019 by

    In yet another blow to the economy, the GDP growth rate for the second quarter of 2019 clocked in at 5 % which was way below the already low expectations of 5.6 – 5.8%. This has been the 6th straight QoQ fall in the GDP Growth Rate after its peak of 8% in January 2018.… Read more

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